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Unlimited menus with Divi Builder
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Divi Super Custom Menu

Custom your menu

Create and design your Divi menu as you create any other section, using the fantastic Divi Builder.


By default, Divi comes with a wonderful built-in menu options. But, what if you want to build your custom menu with the Divi Builder?

That’s exactly what you can do with Divi Supercustom Menu. Just create a new menu and begin to add anything you want to it.

icono ok Do you want to show a video in your menu?

icono ok Do you want to include a login in your menu?

icono ok Do you want to put images in your menu links?


Yes!! You can do all of this and anything you imagine with Divi Super Custom Menu.


How to install it

Once we have our WordPress installation with Divi working, we have to install the plugin.

1. In your admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new.

custom menu 1

2- Click Upload Plugin button, and in the form that appears, select the divi-supercustom-menu.zip file and click Install Now.

custom menu 2

3- Once the plugin is installed, activate it clicking Activate Plugin.

custom menu 3

Now you can see that a new Menu option has appeared with the title ‘Divi Supercustom Menu’.

4- Before start building your menus, go to Divi > Theme Options and in the tab Builder, enable the option Supercustom Menus.

custom menu 4

Now go to the Divi Supercustom Menu options. If you see the error message in the Divi Setup section, you will have to configure Divi menu as Fullscreen.

custom menu 5

5- Go to Appearence > Customize > Header & Navigation > Header Format and select ‘Fullscreen’ as Header Style. Once you’ve done that, the previous message should have changed to the next one:

custom menu 6

Can’t you see the Header & Navigation option?

custom menu 11

If you see the customize options like the previous image, you won’t be able to activate the ‘Fullscreen menu’. That is because you already have a Global header created in your Divi Theme Builder. To make this required options visibles again, you will have to delete that header from Divi > Theme Builder. 

custom menu 12

Now everything is ready. You can go to Divi Supercustom Menu > Create menu and creat your amazing menu.

custom menu 7

Switching your active menu

If you go to Divi Supercustom Menu > View Menus you can see all the menus you have already created. The current active menu will be highlighted with the ‘Active Menu’ bubble. If you want to activate other menu, use the ‘Make active’ row operation in the desired menu.

custom menu 9

You also can do this from the Divi Supercustom Menu Options panel.

custom menu 10
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