Divi Login Pro

If you want to create a login page and make your website look really attractive, this is your plugin with which you will develop a totally customised login page. Login pages tailored-made for you to differentiate your designs.

What does it include?

¿Qué incluye?

15 different templates for you login screen

From $26.75

Lifetime support, licence and updates

Soporte, licencia y actualizaciones para siempre

15 days free trial

15 days money back guarantee on themes and plugins

15 días de prueba

Tienes 15 días para solicitar la devolución de tu compra en todos nuestros plugins y temas


If you have any problems importing and using our templates, we will help you install them


Si tienes cualquier problema para importar y utilizar nuestras plantillas te ayudaremos a instalarlas.




We know how important it is to have direct help. We are just an email away: support@destacaimagen.com to answer your questions and guide you with the installation and use of our products

Sabemos lo importante que es contar con ayuda directa. Nos tienes a un correo de distancia: support@destacaimagen.com para resolver tus dudas y guiarte con la instalación y uso de nuestros productos



Buy without fear any of plugins or templates. You will have 15 days to request a return if they do not meet your needs. Just by writing to us at support@destacaimagen.com, without giving any explanations.

Compra sin miedo cualquiera de plugins o plantillas. Tienes 15 días para solicitar la devolución de tu dinero si no se ajustan a tus necesidades. Podrás escribirnos a support@destacaimagen.com

Si tienes cualquier problema para importar y utilizar nuestras plantillas te ayudaremos a instalarlas.

If you have any problems importing and using our templates, we will help you install them.



Bear with us to find out the characteristics of our plugin.

Which are the characteristics of the Divi Login Pro?

Many set this extension aside on their pages; however, it is a very useful tool. You will have the opportunity to create fully tailored login pages for your clients, offering them a better experience that attracts more clients.

Understanding current trends and your target audience is crucial in designing an effective Divi Login Pro layout that optimizes the buyer experience. Accordingly, we have developed 15 different designs, allowing you to select based on your corporate image and your clients’ preferences to develop a fully tailored webpage.

Moreover, Divi Login Pro offers a range of features such as multi-language support, compatibility with third-party plugins, and seamless integration with popular email marketing platforms. These functionalities enhance the versatility and effectiveness of Divi Login Pro in meeting diverse user needs.

Additionally, Divi Login Pro provides robust security features including brute force protection, CAPTCHA integration, and IP blacklisting, ensuring the safety and integrity of login processes.

By leveraging these advanced features, website owners can create secure, user-friendly login experiences that foster trust and loyalty among their client base.

Are there differences between the Native Divi Module and the Divi Login Pro Plugin?

The answer is yes! Apart from accessing 15 designs with varied aspects, users gain complete control over the login flow. Divi Login Pro, an advanced version, immediately redirects logging-off clients to personalized pages.

For example, when validating the login session with Divi, redirection occurs to the WordPress login page. Conversely, utilizing Divi Login Pro maintains users on the same page, displaying an “error login session” message if needed.

Similarly, during redirection of the Login Session page, the standard Divi version retains users on the same page, whereas Divi Login Pro allows users the option to select the “Success Login” page.

Furthermore, regarding the log-off session page, the standard Divi retains users on the same page, while the new version of Divi Login Pro enables redirection to any preferred page. This feature enhances user experience by providing more flexibility and customization options.

Moreover, Divi Login Pro offers additional functionalities such as customizable error messages, password strength meter, and social login integration, which are not available in the standard Divi module. This enhanced functionality empowers website administrators to create a more seamless and secure login experience for their users.

Furthermore, Divi Login Pro provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to track login activity, monitor user behavior, and identify potential security threats. These insights enable proactive measures to be taken to safeguard user accounts and sensitive data.

Additionally, Divi Login Pro supports multi-factor authentication methods, including SMS verification and biometric authentication, adding an extra layer of security to the login process.

Overall, Divi Login Pro offers a comprehensive solution for managing login processes, enhancing security, and improving user experience, making it a valuable addition to any Divi-powered website.

What do I get from using Divi Login Pro?

You will have unlimited access to the plugin, in addition to more than 30 days reimbursement warranty, 1 year of customer support and automatic updates, everything just to be up to date.

This product price is 22€, a very accessible amount for those users who may want to use unique designs on their login extensions.

If you wish to know more about our Divi Login Pro product you can do so on the following link, as you will be able to have a glimpse of every design we have created to help our clients, so they can fully display all their potential.

Destaca Imagen, a leading provider of web design solutions, offers a diverse range of Divi themes and plugins designed to elevate website functionality and aesthetics. With an emphasis on user experience and customization, their collection of Divi themes caters to various industries and design preferences, empowering website owners to create stunning and responsive websites effortlessly. Additionally, Destaca Imagen’s selection of Divi plugins enhances website functionality, providing features such as advanced contact forms, interactive sliders, and robust security measures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, Destaca Imagen’s Divi themes and plugins provide the tools and support needed to build professional-grade websites that captivate and engage audiences.



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