Divi menú builder

Create and design your Divi menu as you create any other section, using the fantastic Divi Builder.

Unlimited menus with Divi Builder
Includes 8 templates

How is it work?


By default, Divi comes with a wonderful built-in menu options. But, what if you want to build your custom composition with the Divi Builder?

That’s exactly what you can do with Divi Menu Builder. Just create a new menu and begin to add anything you want to it.

How it works?

Divi Supercustom Menu works as the Divi Fullscreen Menu, but showing your designed menu instead of the default content.

In addition you will be able to create many menus and activate the menu you prefer with just one click. This is very useful, for example, if you want to have a temporary menu with banners for a campaign, only active during a period of time. You will be able to switch between your temporary menu and your long time menu just with one click.

 Do you want to show a video in your menu?

 Do you want to include a login in your menu?

 Do you want to put images in your menu links?


Yes!! You can do all of this and anything you imagine with Divi Super Custom Menu.


The plugin Include this 8 templates

And a blank layout for creating customs menús

And as many combinations as can you want