Ultimate Blog layouts for Divi

Do you need a Divi template for your blog? We offer you our Divi Blog template with more than 70 different combinations and designs. You will shock your clients by creating different and astonishing designs that will stand out among the competition. You will have infinite combinations and possibilities to create a corporate blog with the highest standards.

What it includes?

¿Que incluye?

More than 70 combinations and designs.

  • 4 complex blog designs.
  • 7 different headers for each of the publications .
  • 5 different headers for your blog page design.
  • 5 customizable blog styles.


Lifetime support, licence and updates

Soporte, licencia y actualizaciones para siempre

15 days free trial

15 days money back guarantee on themes and plugins

15 días de prueba

Tienes 15 días para solicitar la devolución de tu compra en todos nuestros plugins y temas

No refunds allow

Refund is not available in this type of products

Sin devolución

No es posible solicitar la devolución de este tipo de productos.




We know how important it is to have direct help. We are just an email away: support@destacaimagen.com to answer your questions and guide you with the installation and use of our products

Sabemos lo importante que es contar con ayuda directa. Nos tienes a un correo de distancia: support@destacaimagen.com para resolver tus dudas y guiarte con la instalación y uso de nuestros productos


Garantía y devolución

Buy without fear any of plugins or templates. You will have 15 days to request a return if they do not meet your needs. Just by writing to us at support@destacaimagen.com, without giving any explanations.

Compra sin miedo cualquiera de plugins o plantillas. Tienes 15 días para solicitar la devolución de tu dinero si no se ajustan a tus necesidades. Podrás escribirnos a support@destacaimagen.com

El resultado final de los layouts es 100% el mismo mostrado en la demo, por lo que su reembolso no está permitido.

The final result of the layouts is 100% the same as shown in the demo, so refunds are not allowed.



Characteristics of the Divi Blog Template

This design for the Divi Blog Template features more than 70 different combinations to show your unique blog that truly displays your business essence and helps luring the users in.

Therefore, the content of the template is:

  • 4 complex blog designs.
  • 7 different headers for each of the publications .
  • 5 different headers for your blog page design.
  • 5 customizable blog styles.

Complex designs for the Divi Blog Template

We will be able to choose among 4 different designs ( Mixing 1, Mixing 2, Mixing 3 and Mixing 4), it will all depend on your taste and the way you wish to distribute the information within your blog.

Publication Headers

7 headers that include the right or left sidebar version with which you can develop a blog adapted to your brand and needs.

Headers for page designs

In this part we can find the following types of heads for the Divi Blog Template.

  • Standard Simple Publication
  • Simple Publication Full Header
  • Simple Publication with Right Header
  • Simple Publication with Classical Header
  • Simple Publication with Squared Header

With our Divi Blog Template you are going to have the possibility of choosing the type of header you want, being able to adapt the page design to your brand identity. Our Divi template will be your business introduction letter.

Customizable Divi Blog Styles

Apart from the characteristics already mentioned, we can also find 5 Divi Blog designs in our product. The most important thing for us is to give you a tool that will adapt to your blog needs.

On the other hand, we have developed these elegant designs set off for those with a professional blog or for those with a distinctive audience.

How do I download the Divi Blog Template?

You have to download the .zip file from your user area once you have purchased it. Like that you will have all the designs included in this Divi Blog Template.

What do I have to keep in mind before installing the Divi Blog Template?

As for the designs to work correctly we advise you to have a publication previously created and you to have that web set up with a minimum width of 1280px.

At the same time, you should opt for using the same size and relation in every prominent image ( 890px width x 500px tall), but if you already have uploaded the images onto your blog, you may need to carry out a few changes:

  • Download the plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-image-sizes/
  • Install and enable it.
  • Once activated, it will offer you the possibility of forcing the size of the images by clicking on “Settings/ Means”.

Another great advantage is that this plugin allows you to regenerate the size of the images and photos that were previously uploaded , however, we advise you to run a backup copy before carrying out this action.

How do I create the Blog Page to use the Divi Blog Template?

The creation of this blog page is simple, you just need to create a new page and select the best template that fits you and import it with the Divi Builder.

At the same time, if you want to spark a bit your publications with the Divi Blog Designs, you just need to follow the same steps as you did in our Divi Theme Builder.

How can I change the header of my page with the Divi Blog template?

We will perform the same steps when it comes to the headers of your publications. Choose the one you like and delete the one that is installed by defect

We hope you bring yourself to use our Divi Blog Template and to try every tool that is in it. We assure you that your website will be the best and your brand will expand so fast!



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