Divi Full Page Slider

Get dynamic and fluent sites with Divi Slider Full Page. Thanks to this plugin you can easily develop sliders with different transitions and effects, resulting in a more attractive look.

What it includes?

¿Que incluye?

  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Easy installation and usage.
  • Easy movement around the page.
  • Heading, subheading and button display.
  • Background edition with several options.

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El resultado final de los layouts es 100% el mismo mostrado en la demo, por lo que su reembolso no está permitido.

The final result of the layouts is 100% the same as shown in the demo, so refunds are not allowed.



Divi Slider Full Page

With the goal of having a spectacular website that generates a stunning first impression it is fundamental to take care of any minimal detail. The full screen sliders cause an amazing effect to any design. This is why we recommend our Divi Slider Full Page, because it will take your website to its zenith.

This amazing tool will bring to life your website with a slider effect on each device, creating an illusion of harmonical transition that will separate your business from the others.

Which are the characteristics of the Divi Slider Full Page?

The target of this plugin is to create dynamic pages that are interesting to the users and that can help to go smoothly from one section to another without harming its visibility.

As a result of this, the tool features 3 different types of movements:

  • Vertical movement: Goes up and down from one section to another.
  • Horizontal movement: Goes right and left and viceversa from one section to another.
  • Mixed movement: It combines vertical and horizontal transitions in just one movement.

It can also be used in different types of background images and different types of sizes, it will all depend on the needs of your brand and the goal of that specific section. You will be able to edit them as you please to create the most beautiful and unique page.

At the same time, we will find different typographies and designs, so you will have the option of setting the heading, subheading and descriptions on the right, left or central side of your main page.

The page header can either be shown or hidden.

Other fundamental characteristics are:

  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Easy installation and usage.
  • Easy movement around the page.
  • Heading, subheading and button display.
  • Background edition with several options.

What can I achieve with the Divi Slider Full Page?

There are multiple things you can achieve with the Divi Slider Full Page as it is the fact of selecting multiple styles for each slider, for instance, the fonts, typography, background, etc….

Using several background images for different screen sizes and increasing up to 10 sliders on each column/ group.

Installation of the Divi Slider Full Page

The setting up of this Divi is pretty simple, as we have tried to offer a nice experience and an easy access to our clients in order to optimise their website and make their brand grow, being indispensable a suitable design.

  • WordPress with Divi installed.
  • Go to admin panel and click on “Plugins- Add new”
  • Click on “ Load Plugin” , a form will be shown where you can select the “divi-supercustom-menu.zip” file. You will find a file in “My Account” in our online store: https://shop.destacaimagen.com/en/my-account/
  • Once you have enabled the plugin, a new module will appear in the Divi Builder called “Full Page”.

As it is obvious, the steps for the set up are pretty simple so we hope you want to get our Divi Slider Full Page to obtain a dynamic and unique website that will lure your clients in.



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