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Masonry Gallery for Divi

Create amazing galleries in few steps

galeria masonry divi

How does it work?

Simple, easy and 100% compatible with Divi. 

icono ok Category filters.

icono ok Pagination.

icono ok Fullscreen lightbox

icono ok Link to other pages.

icono ok Show image title and caption

icono ok Overlay effects


How to install it

Once we have our WordPress installation with Divi working, we have to install the plugin.

1. In your admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new.

custom menu 1
2- Click Upload Plugin button, and in the form that appears, select the file and click Install Now.
custom menu 2
3- Once the plugin is installed, activate it clicking Activate Plugin.
custom menu 3

Basic options

You will find the main options of the gallery in Content Tab > Gallery Settings:

  • Images: Select the images for your gallery.
  • Number of columns: Number of columns of your gallery. REMEMBER: You can configure different numbers of columns for Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices.
  • Space between Images: Distance between images. REMEMBER: You can configure different spaces for Desktop, Tablets and Mobile devices.
  • Images size: Size resolution for the images of your gallery.
  • Image onclick action: Choose if you want to do nothing, open a fullscreen lightbox or link images to other pages. Read more about this here.
  • Popup image background: Override the default lightbox background color.
  • Show image title/caption in popup: Select the images details you want to display in the lightbox.
  • Show category filters: Select if you want to display the Gallery category filter. Read more about this here.
  • Paginate gallery: Select if  you want to paginate your Gallery.


Other options


You will find the overlay options in Design Tab > Overlay:

  • Overlay content: You can choose different options:
    • Overlay icon: Display an icon when overing the image.
    • Nothing: don’t show any overlay.
    • Overlay image title/caption: Show the title, caption or both. You can also choose between different animations effects. If you want to display this always (not only when overing), you have to choose the options ‘Visible always at top‘ or ‘Visible always at bottom‘ in the Overlay Content Animation. masonry2


Configure the category filter:

Once the plugin is installed and activated, a new option would appear un the the Media admin menu:

There you have to create the categories for your images, like you do in other WordPress taxonomies.


media categories 1

After creating your categories, you can assign media images to them this:

1- Open your media library.

media categories 2

2-Click on the image you want to categorize and then click on the link ‘Edit more details’.

media categories 3

3-On the right side of the screen, click on the categories you want to add and save the images.

media categories 4

Once you have your categories created and your images categorized, you can select the categories you want to add in the Gallery Options.


With Divi Masonry Gallery you can redirect your users to other pages when the click on the images. To do that, you have to select the option ‘Link to ohter pages‘ in the ‘Image onclick action‘. After that, you will see a field called ‘Image links‘. There you will have to add your links, in the same order as the images, separated by the tag {{link}}. See this example:

This is a Masonry Gallery with 3 images, with links configure, and the value of the field ‘Image links’ is this:{{link}}{{link}}

masonry links

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