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Divi Login Pro

Includes 15 different templates
for your login screen


How to install it

Once we have our WordPress installation with Divi working, we have to install the plugin.

1. In your admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new.

custom menu 1

2- Click Upload Plugin button, and in the form that appears, select the divi-login-form.zip file and click Install Now.

custom menu 2
3- Once the plugin is installed, activate it clicking Activate Plugin.
custom menu 3

Now you can see that a new Menu option has appeared with the title ‘Divi Login Pro’.

2. Options

Now you can choose which page you want to display as your login page, the page you redirect after a succesful login and the page you display after logging out.


If the user is an administrator user, you will be redirect to the WordPress admin panel.

divi login pro options

3. Create your login page

Import the layout

1. Download the design you like the most.

 2. Create a new page.

3. Use Divi to improte the content.

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