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Animation letters divi layout


1. How to use

Firstly, keep in mind this product is not a plugin. It’s a layout collection. You’d have the JSON files in a zip.

To use it you have to import any JSON file directly on the page you want. It’s very important if you have some content that you don’t select this option.

import content

2. Edit content

Changing the texts and images is better if you work with the “Divi Layers View”.

Animation Letter Destaca Imagen 1

3. Don’t delete this section

In this section are CSS and Jquery codes. It has not shown on the screen but it’s necessary for all to work correctly. Don’t delete.

Animation Letter Destaca Imagen 2
Animation Letter Destaca Imagen 3

4. Do you want to change the animation’s speed?

You can use different classes to change the velocity of the effects.

You have four options
d-slower= 20 seconds
d-slow = 15 seconds
d-fast = 7.5 seconds
d-faster= 2.5 seconds

You need to copy the class in the module / advanced / CSS. It’s important don’t delete the other class, for example: “marqueeRight-p1”

Animation Letter Destaca Imagen

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