Divi Layouts – What are they? How to use them?


Divi Layouts – What are they? How to use them?

Divi Layouts – What are they? How to use them?

Divi layouts are pre-designed pages or page fragments that can be imported directly into the Divi visual builder. These templates allow users to create professional-looking websites quickly and efficiently, without requiring advanced design or programming knowledge.

Differences with Divi themes

Divi layouts differ from Divi themes in several key ways:

  • Flexibility: Layouts, as pages or page fragments, allow us to add new content to our website without having to modify the global style of our theme. They can also be combined with any theme. For example, we can add a layout to modify our footer without having to modify anything else.
  • Customization: Layouts allow for detailed page-level customisation, giving you greater control over the specific layout of each section, especially for those who are already familiar with Divi’s visual builder.
  • Ease of Use: Due to all of the above, the simple nature of the layouts and Divi’s complete layout import system makes their import and use a very simple process.

How to import or use a layout

layouts divi how to import a layout

Importing a layout in Divi is a simple process:

  1. Open the Divi visual builder on the page where you want to import the layout.
  2. Expand the inferior menu and click on the portability button (the one with two arrows)
  3. Select the import tab, select the .json file of the layout you want and click the Import button.
  4. Once imported, you can customize the layout to your needs using the visual builder tools.

Can I combine a layout with my current page?

The answer is yes. In order to do this, just simply disable the “Replace existing content” option (enabled by default), before hitting the Import button in step 3 above.

layouts divi not replace content

Error when importing it as a plugin or wrong context

Even though importing a layout is a simple process, when an error appears it is usually due to one of these two reasons:

  • Importing a layout as a plugin or theme. It is important not to confuse Divi layouts with plugins or themes. Trying to import a layout as if it were a plugin will result in an error, since layouts are designed to be used directly within the Divi visual builder.
  • Wrong context. Divi not only exports the layouts in .json format, but also uses this format for more files (Divi options, customizer options, etc.). The wrong context error tells us that we are trying to import a .json file in the wrong place, and for it to be imported we must use the portability tool in the correct place.
layouts divi wrong

Benefits of Divi Layouts

  1. Time Savings: Pre-designed layouts allow you to create web pages quickly and efficiently, accelerating the development process and allowing you to launch your website in less time.
  2. Professional Design: The layouts are designed by professionals, which ensures an attractive and functional visual appearance. This guarantees that your website not only looks good but also offers a great user experience.
  3. Ease of Use: No advanced design or programming skills are required to customize layouts, allowing any user, regardless of their level of experience, to create and modify attractive and functional web pages with ease.

Disadvantages compared to using a theme

  1. Limitations of Global Customization: Even if layouts offer great flexibility at the page level, a theme can provide more consistent and global customization for the entire website.
  2. Complexity in Managing Multiple Layouts: If you use many different layouts on a website, it can become complicated to maintain an even appearance and manage updates.
  3. Lack of advanced configurations and functions: Most themes, like ours, allow you to import initial configurations automatically, in addition to adding advanced functionalities through the plugins included in them. The layouts cannot perform this.

Where to find Divi layouts

With the Divi license, you get access to a large library of layouts. You can explore a wide variety of designs in Divi’s official layout library.

layouts divi library

In addition, in Destaca Imagen we offer an exclusive selection of layouts that you have them displayed in our layouts category or you can check out some featured examples of our Divi theme designs through this link.

For more information and to explore our offers, visit our website and discover how our layouts can transform your website into a visual masterpiece.

Divi Layouts – what are they? | Highlights

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